Our 2017 Maple Syrup is Available for Sale


Despite the strange weather this year and lack of blog posts we were able to make over 11 gallons of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup.  There were a lot of hiccups this year chasing vacuum leaks, figuring out our new Reverse Osmosis set-up and dealing with a flooded pump.

We are also trying our hand at selling syrup via our website.  It turns out the 16oz plastic jugs are best for shipping via USPS.  So if you click on the Shop Link  you will be redirected to our site where you can buy the syrup in the image below.  This syrup is $20 per jug and $7 for shipping within the US.  We can ship two jugs in one package for the same $7 in shipping.   This year our goal is to sell 12 of these plastic jugs online and we have sold one accidently by listing it on our website while beta testing the site!  Thanks Michelle!


As always we will be selling the glass bottles for local delivery in Maine, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts as we travel frequently to these areas!


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