2016 Maple Season


Well our 2016 Bascom’s Maple Catalog arrived this week.  That must mean it is almost time for our annual trip to Alstead, NH to get restocked with supplies for the 2016 season.  The way this winter has gone I can’t say I have any idea when the season will start or how long it will last.  So far we have no snow pack or snow banks for that matter so keeping sap cold may be tough this year.

We usually start to watch the weather right around the super bowl so I still have a month or so to finish prepping.  We are moving the evaporator to a new location and I want to run a second mainline, but we will need to see how it goes.

Bill C.

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  1. Judy@NewEnglandGardenAndThread Reply

    We’re having a strange winter aren’t we? I saw where the pond hockey tournament is in a couple of weeks – good luck with Lake Winnepesaukee freezing over. Here’s to a good sugaring season regardless but we may need some help from above this year. 🙂

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