Attack of the Killer Tomato Plants?

2015 has been the year of the Tomato for us.  Due to the extremely long winter and busy sugaring season thanks to our new vacuum pump on the maple lines, I got a late start on seed starting and ended up buying a sampler of six tomato transplants from Seed Savers Exchange.  We did have one transplant that did not make it, due to me trying to figure out how to get them out of the packaging, but the other five have been going gangbusters!  This tomato plant on the North side of our house is taller than me.

2015-08-16 001 2015-08-16 004

We actually have legit store sized tomatoes this season, which is amazing considering our heavily wooded and shaded site.

2015-09-02 002 2015-09-02 002

We even thought we were going to win big at the Tractor Supply Largest Tomato Contest with our super tomato that weighed 1.15 pounds.  Unfortunately, the other tomato submissions were already up in the 2 pound range.  I think those tomatoes may have been juicing!  They may have to do some random drug testing for Miracle Grow…

2015-09-02 002 2015-09-02 001

Oh well better luck next year!

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