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Drink Wraps

Drink Wrap Revolution

At Little Creek Maple Farm, we are all about making things that we can use around our suburban farm that make our lives easier.  My bottle wraps are useful and fashionable.  They fold flat for storage and you can attach them to a cooler handle when they are not in use. First let me say […]

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Kale Chips & Drink Wrap

Making Kale Chips

I have been staring at the Kale we grew in the garden for some time now wondering what I can do with it to make it edible.  Last winter we ordered the Kale seeds I was hearing all kinds of stories about how healthy it was to add Kale to your morning smoothie.  In the […]

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Garden Bench

The Bench

A few years ago, Bill built me a bench for Mothers Day to sit on in the yard and watch the boys play.  Our yard has a lot of shade so the ground is often damp and chairs keep sinking into the ground.  I still love that bench. I sit on it often.  I even […]

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